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Peter Kraljič

Peter Kraljič

Peter Kraljič

Ph. D


Dr. Peter Kraljič, a Director Emeritus of McKinsey & Co. Inc, joined McKinsey in 1970. He was promoted to Principal in 1977 and to Director in 1982. He was for a number of years a member of McKinsey's Shareholders, Firm Development and Personnel Development Committees and from 1993 to 1998 managed the McKinsey activities in France. Prior to joining the Firm, he worked for six years in metallurgical research with companies in Yugoslavia, Germany and Luxembourg.

Dr. Peter Kraljič has published a number of scientific and business articles, for example in the Archiv für das Eisenhüttenwesen, Columbia Journal of Business, Harvard Business Review, Manager Magazine and Le Figaro Economie. He has given speeches to many client organizations, institutions (such as Aspen) and forums (such as Crans Montana) on a wide range of topics such as supply management and operational effectiveness, organization and post-merger management, human resources and more recently also on change management and restructuring of Eastern European industries and companies.

Lately, Dr. Kraljič has been leading special projects aiming at economic growth and job creation in Germany and Brazil and was as such a member of a German Federal Committee (Hartz-Committee) focusing on restructuring of German labor market. He also led a project looking at the attractiveness of Central and Eastern European countries for foreign direct investments, based upon a set of macro- and micro-economic criteria.

A graduate from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, with a degree in metallurgy, Dr. Kraljič also holds a PhD from the Technical University of Hannover, and an MBA from INSEAD.

Dr. Kraljič holds an Honorary Professorship title from the IEDC-Bled School of Management. He has been a President of the IEDC Supervisory Board for ten years and is currently its Supervisory Board member. Since 2003 he has been involved in coaching activities within the frame of IEDC Executive MBA consulting projects. Dr. Kraljič is also a Supervisory Board member of Gorenje, Lek/Novartis and SID in Slovenia, as well as of SEVERSTAL Russia.