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Panel: Do Business Schools Have and/or Build the Right Faculty to Meet the Future?

19th CEEMAN Annual Conference
Georgia - Tbilisi | 2011
In my view, when we tackle the topic of this panel, we need to consider some special issues. Where are our faculty coming from? What type of institutions have they worked for earlier? Are we hiring them part-time or full-time? Should we hire them when they are at the beginning of their career, probably right after their doctorate, or should we aim for more experienced people? 

The question that I have for the panel is whether doctoral programs and the experience that we require really matter? Do they produce a cumulative effect? 

I have seen a lot of people coming from doctoral programs. The best of those programs train their students how to do research and write good papers. Then, we hire the graduates and ask them to be not only good researchers but also good teachers and possibly good consultants as well. So, what should a doctoral program be like in order to provide all the knowledge and skills that the graduates will need when they take a teaching job at a university? 

We heard during the previous discussions that if you are an excellent researcher you may not be a great professor. Do our doctoral programs prepare people for both domains? 

We all agree that faculty members need energy to feel motivated as researchers and teachers. Do we have all the required energy? 

To sum up what was said during this conference, we are people who collect existing research and try to create new knowledge. Do we know what new knowledge is really needed? 

My third question is why we should care if we are good faculty or not? Is it for the branding of the institution? Is it because the students care? I think they do because they buy our knowledge. But do we really study the future needs of our customers in order to be good faculty? I think that being good faculty today is not enough. We need to be able to forecast the needs of our future customers.
19th CEEMAN Annual Conference: Management Education in a Changing World: Are We Ready for the Challenge?
September 2011
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October 2011
Paata Brekashvili, Panel: Do Business Schools Have and/or Build the Right Faculty to Meet the Future?,
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