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Welcome and introductory words

19th CEEMAN Annual Conference
Georgia - Tbilisi | 2011

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Welcome to the 19th CEEMAN Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

I would like to start with a few words about CEEMAN because we have quite a lot of new members here. Since the last conference in 2010, we got 28 new members, adding up today to 192 members from 48 countries. We are really becoming a global association; roughly half of our members are from the Central and Eastern European region, whereas the other ones are from all over the world. In spite of that, we are still keeping our original name: CEEMAN - Central and East European Management Development Association. We are especially happy to have two African members with us today because we believe that we have a lot to share with other emerging economies. Twenty years ago we were simply mimicking the West but then we adopted the slogan “Give us the best of the West and keep the rest!” 

We have come a long way by now. We have gathered important knowledge and skills and created some fantastic schools. This enables us to share our expertise about societal development with others. This is why we have set up CEEMAN: it is an association with a focus on emerging economies. This spring I participated in the events of the African Association of Business Schools. I was extremely happy to witness the quality of the business schools there and the high concern for management education for the benefit of society at large. I was pleased because our own focus in the education process has never been on profitability but on sustainable development and the responsibility of management schools to create a better world. 

As I said, we established CEEMAN to accelerate management and leadership development in Central and Eastern Europe, aiming to set high quality standards in this part of the world. We set up our organization in a time of big change and growing global complexity. Nowadays, the change is even more profound than it used to be 19 years ago and the complexity is growing. I am sure that Georgia is an excellent case in point. 

The title of our conference is “Management Education in a Changing World; Are We Ready for the Challenge?” Naturally, the answer is “No”. We are never ready because we are confronted with a continuously changing environment. The right question is whether we know enough about the world, and particularly about the business world. Are our faculty professional enough? Are we flexible enough and open to new knowledge and new methodologies? Are we willing to cooperate with others and set up new partnerships in order to serve our customers better? These are the issues that our conference will deal with. 

I am convinced that our partners from Caucasus University, Caucasus School of Business have prepared everything to make this conference a great success. It is a rare occasion to arrive at an airport at three in the morning and see the president of the business school waiting for you there in case you need some help. This hospitality makes CEEMAN different from other associations and makes us feel like a large family. I am sure that the latest members will be received as warmly as ever before. 

I wish you a great stay in this beautiful country and a lot of useful learning, reflection, and motivation for continuous improvement of the quality of management education in every respect. I hope you will build new partnerships and friendships.

19th CEEMAN Annual Conference: Management Education in a Changing World: Are We Ready for the Challenge?
Management Science
September 2011
Published from:
October 2011
Danica Purg, Welcome and introductory words, (IEDC - Bled School of Management), http://www.iedc.si/
Accessed: June 24 2019,
Available at: http://ceeman.lecturehub.com/lectures/631/2011_ceemanac_tbilisi_purg_welcome
Prof. Danica Purg is the President of the IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia, and the President of CEEMAN. She is also leading the European Leadership Centre (ELC). More >>
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