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    Living up to the challenges: Competitive and Responsible Business | Nadya Zhexembayeva

    Living up to the challenges: Competitive and...

    Nadya Zhexembayeva

    We often see a trade-off between these two concepts. If you are responsible at the expense of competitiveness, it means that you will see responsibility as a cost. But is there no way to reconcile the two? Is it possible to have the two at the same time: to be responsible without compromising competitiveness and the other way around? Ask your MBA students what was the last time they attended a meeting on corporate social responsibility that got them really excited? I think that two out of 50 will raise a hand. When you ask them what happens during such meetings, they will tell you that it is just a lot of “bla-bla”. How relevant is responsibility to you in your daily operations? Not much.

    18th CEEMAN Annual Conference: New Global Performance Challenges and Implications for Management Development
    Management and Strategy Business
    April 2012
    September 2010